July 2017 Minutes

Cliftondale Community Club, Inc.
July 10, 2017
The Cliftondale Community Club, Inc. met July 10, 2107 at the Cliftondale Community Center. About 25 members and guests were present. President Stanley Knowles presided and provided the opening prayer.
Membership Committee Co-Chair Julie Wachsler recognized first-time attendees in the audience. She announced that we are in our summer membership campaign for renewing annual Club dues for the 2017-2018 year, and thanked all who have already renewed their membership! She asked, for those who may be mailing in their dues, to please check the Club’s website, www.cliftondale.org (under Membership), for the correct mailing address, and Pay Pal information is there as well.
Mr. Knowles announced that the Club’s Community Intern, Westlake High’s Festus Ojo, will be attending Harvard University in the fall. The Club’s dues support the small scholarship the Club will award for his community service. The Club has been supporting the Intern program for about 5 years, and all of our interns have gone on to well-known colleges and universities.
As Treasury Liaison, Ms. Wachsler provided the Treasurer’s Report.
Mr. Knowles noted that Research and Development Committee Chair Harold Reid was not present because he was attending a meeting on the Walton Group’s proposal for a 300-acre project in the Fulton Industrial District. He said that the Club’s own scheduled Thursday night meeting on the issue will be rescheduled. A meeting with the 3 Kings group for a different project is scheduled for August 11.
The Nominating Committee, consisting of Julie Wachsler, Teiola Porch, and Storm Mitchell, announced that a slate of officers for the year 2017-2018 was finalized. Mr. Mitchell said that the second reading of the slate and election would be at next month’s meeting. The nominees are: President, Stanley Knowles; Vice President, Marcus Carter; Secretary, Gayle Lesser; Treasurer, Greg Wachsler; and Jack Liles, Harold Reid, and Julie Wachsler for Directors.
The meeting’s guest speaker was Maribeth Wansley of the Cochran Mill Nature Center (CMNC) in Chattahoochee Hills, accompanied by Dr. Ted Wansley and young assistant Cameron. The non-profit Center dates back to 1984, when it was established by south Fulton residents. Its mission is environmental education, including summer camps and field trips. Annual events include Bat Night, Reptile Day, and a Halloween Festival. The Center also supports a certified wild animal rehabilitation program. In a given year CMNC handles about 450 injured and orphaned animals, in addition to permanently housing about 50 animals that suffered permanent disabilities. It also houses one of the best snake exhibits in the state, including poisonous and non-poisonous snakes and other reptiles.
The Center has been so successful it will probably have a capital campaign for a second building later in this year.
The speakers were accompanied by an Eastern box turtle, a corn snake, and a barn owl. They shared information about the habits, diets, and care of these animals. Baby birds found alone on the ground, for example, are probably not orphaned, but still being fed by their mothers and should be left alone. A box turtle found crossing a road should be picked up and placed off the shoulder of the road in the direction in which it was heading; if returned to the side of the road from which it started, it will usually start across again, having some instinctive destination in mind. Since most snakes in north Georgia are not poisonous, the recommended response is to avoid a snake rather than try to kill it.
The speakers invited the audience to stay after the meeting to see the animals up close and take selfie photographs.
Mr. Knowles thanked the speakers for an informative and fun program.
Communications Committee Chair Jack Liles announced that next month’s program will focus on local foundations. The program will include a “summer social” of free icees and slushees sponsored by Commissioner Marvin Arrington.

The meeting was adjourned.
Gayle Lesser, Secretary

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