May 2018 Minutes

Cliftondale Community Club, Inc.
May 14, 2018
The Cliftondale Community Club, Inc. met May 14, 2018 at the Cliftondale Community Center. About 20 members and guests were present. Distinguished guests in the audience included Councilmember Carmalitha Gumbs.
Vice President Marcus Carter presided and provided the opening prayer.
Officer Derrick Rogers of the South Fulton Police Department’s Special Services Division provided the community police report. He said that the Department’s transition from Fulton County to the City was “going good.”
He warned that some crimes are more frequent in summer. At present “slider” crimes (thieves entering unlocked cars while the driver is filling up or in the store) are occurring at service stations in Union City near the intersections of Highways 138 and I-85 in Union City. Technology now enables thieves to seize key fob data to open car doors. Beware of parked cars with a (false) temporary tag, dark windows, and a driver who doesn’t come out. Robberies are also frequent at the shopping strip at the corner of Campbellton Road and Camp Creek Parkway and on Cascade Road near the Home Depot.
Asked about the status of the City’s new heavy truck street restrictions, Officer Rogers replied that enforcement has been successful and several citations issued.
Asked about the nuisance of 4-wheeler ATVs on city streets, Officer Rogers said the force does the best it can. Their policy is not to chase ATVs because that is too dangerous for the riders, but if the police can they impound the vehicle (which is often stolen).
Mr. Carter thanked the officer for his presentation.
Interim Zoning Committee Chair Bruce Moody reported on Cliftondale-related zoning applications presented at the April 12 CZIM (Community Zoning Information Meeting).
There is an application for the corner of West Stubbs and Cascade Roads for a gas station and retail strip, for land currently zoned agricultural use. The developer asked for a deferral since it did not conduct sufficient outreach to nearby residents, and those who were contacted did not like the project. The nearest subdivision is Anatole.
Another application is for three restaurants on 10.2 acres at 6426 Campbellton Road. The developer did not specify what kinds of restaurants were proposed. Mr. Moody said the Club’s position is the restaurants should be sit-down rather than fast-food, because the latter result in street litter and often become teen hang-outs. This developer has also asked for a deferral.
Storm Mitchell reported on applications at the May CZIM: a Cliftondale area application for a group home going from 5 to 8 children; an Oakley Township application to convert apartments to townhouses; and an Old National application for a C-1 project. Mr. Moody noted that an issue with group homes is how many supervisors are present at night. While there might be several on the premises during the day, often there is only one at night, and if that one sleeps, the children can slip out and roam through the neighborhood.
There was a question about the traffic impact of the large West End church being built on Butner Road. Mr. Moody explained that the Club had reviewed the project with Church officials and asked for turn and exit lanes and a traffic policeman’s presence on Sunday mornings.
Mr. Carter introduced the featured speaker, State Representative William Boddie. He provided a useful sheet showing 2018 signed legislation of interest and one bill that was vetoed. Among the former are HB 673, Distracted Driver or Hands Free Bill, which prohibits drivers from holding a cell phone while driving to make a call or use a GPS app; drivers can however get a dashboard mount for the phone. HB 852 allows a public school student whose family moves out of their district attendance zone to finish the term if the student has completed more than half the year. HB 930, Transportation Bill, creates The ATL (Atlanta Transit Link Authority) as a new regional transportation board for the 13-county Metro area. MARTA will continue to be responsible for heavy rail. The vetoed legislation of interest was HB 870, which would have allowed Fulton Industrial District to be annexed into the City of South Fulton. However, HB 869 will allow a countywide referendum on lifting the existing constitutional amendment that FID cannot be annexed by any city.
Representative Boddie opened the floor for questions.
Asked about proposals to move Hartsfield-Jackson Airport out of Atlanta’s jurisdiction, he replied that Democrats are against the proposal given that the City issued the bonds that support the Airport. The Airport is well-run – so such a move would be “fixing what is not broken”.
Asked about the construction at the corner of Washington Road and Roosevelt Highway, he replied that the federal government owns the land and it will be a Job Corps training center.
Mr. Carter thanked Representative Boddie for a very informative presentation.
Channing Parham, Community Engagement Representative SW for Commissioner Marvin Arrington, introduced herself and passed out flyers for the following events: Young Writers Workshops in June at Wolf Creek Library; It Takes a Village distribution of school supplies to 1,000 students on August 31 at the YMCA at Carver in Atlanta and on September 7 at Wolf Creek Library; and Georgia HOA Boot Camp on November 10. Ms. Parham can be contacted for more information at 404-613-0204.
Chief Magistrate Judge Cassandra Kirk, who is up for re-election, introduced herself and spoke briefly about her qualifications and record.
Mr. Carter thanked the attendees and speakers and adjourned the meeting.
Gayle Lesser, Secretary

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