October 2018 Minutes

Cliftondale Community Club, Inc.
Minutes October 8, 2018

The Cliftondale Community Club, Inc. met October 8, 2018 at the Cliftondale Community Center. About 25 members and guests were present.
Vice President Marcus Carter presided. A guest provided the opening prayer.
Club Director Harold Reid, an officer of the South Fulton Parkway Alliance, reported on its latest meeting. The guest speaker was a representative from the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT). The South Fulton Parkway being a state highway, GDOT has ultimate authority over it, though some responsibilities are delegated to cities for the stretches in their city limits. GDOT’s maintenance plan is to cut grass itself along the Parkway three times a year, and for the respective cities to cut an additional three times a year.
GDOT noted that development along the Parkway is affecting traffic flow, because each new warehouse wants its own entrance directly on the highway. Union City’s original plan was to allow 9 curb cuts between Stonewall Tell Road and Highway 92. (A “curb cut” provides for both right turns and left turns across the median.) GDOT reduced allowed curb cuts to 5 between Hunter-Mason and Cedar Grove Roads.
Mr. Reid also heads the City of South Fulton’s Planning Commission. The City is imposing a 90 day moratorium on zoning applications for all Districts except District 1 (the Cascade area) to finalize its zoning ordinances.
He noted two new warehouse projects in Union City’s corridor along the Parkway. The first is across from the Publix plaza on Highway 92, for a 500,000 square foot warehouse. Thompson Road (near the Waffle House) will be extended across Highway 92 to serve as its entrance. The second project is for two large warehouses on Highway 92 behind Mt. Vernon Church (near the intersection with the Parkway), with an exit on 92.
Mr. Reid said there are several areas in which the municipalities in south Fulton County cooperate. The Aerotropolis organization is focusing on road improvements on Camp Creek Parkway and beautification projects along roads and intersections near the Airport. Connect South Fulton is conducting a cooperative marketing effort.
Secretary Gayle Lesser, speaking as liaison for the Treasurer, provided the Treasurer’s report.
Mr. Carter announced that this week is Mental Illness Awareness Week. He is a mental health awareness educator at Georgia State University.
He explained that mental health is the ability to cope, adjust, and manage day-to-day issues. Mental illness is when a person cannot manage day-to-day activities; it can be slight, moderate, or severe. Mental illness can include brain diseases such as schizophrenia; memory loss as seen in Alzheimer’s disease and other kinds of dementia; and major depression, which can have biochemical components. “Co-occurring disorders” are when mental illness and drug usage occur at the same time.
Treatments include medications, healthy diet, sufficient sleep, and activities that relax or uplift the individual.
In situations where one encounters disturbed people (“people in crisis”), it is best to call in outside help, such the police, who are trained to assess and handle such individuals. The Georgia Crisis Access Line also provides telephone advice and can send assistance.
Some kinds of mental illness result from developmental disabilities, that is, during pregnancy (which can involve the mother’s substance abuse) or after delivery. Examples are Downs Syndrome, autism, fetal alcohol syndrome, and attention deficit disorder.
Mr. Carter also explained that prisoners do have access to mental health services.

Mr. Carter closed the meeting by noting that October 9 was the last day to register to vote in the midterm elections, urging everyone to check online whether their registration was current. The state’s systems purged thousands of voters recently.
He also announced that the Club’s annual fall festival will be held in Cliftondale Park on Saturday, November 3 from 10: am to 2: pm.
The meeting was adjourned.
Gayle Lesser, Secretary

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