September 2019 Minutes

Cliftondale Community Club, Inc.
September 9, 2019
The Cliftondale Community Club, Inc. met September 9, 2019 at the Cliftondale Community Center. Vice President Marcus Carter presided. About 20 members and guests were present. Distinguished guests included Councilwoman Helen Willis and several candidates for public offices: Tonya Isles, Kenya Johnson, and Rafer Johnson. The candidates were allowed a few minutes to introduce themselves.
Councilwoman Willis is running unopposed for re-election for District 3. She said her new term will focus on Roosevelt Highway, especially illegal enterprises on its side streets.
Zoning Committee Interim Chair Bruce Moody described the issues involved in a proposed expansion of Legend Oaks subdivision. The new phase will exit into busy Butner Road a short distance north of its intersection with Stonewall Tell Road. The developer is requesting modifications to be considered by the City Council on September 10. The Modifications are not reviewed by a commission, so community input is essential. Issues the Club has identified include poor sight lines on a hill exit, no turn lane, only one exit, and modifications on stream buffers.
Councilwoman Willis said she would ask for detailed information on the application. On another zoning front, District 3 has recently faced several applications for group homes. She is considering ordinances to control the number of such facilities in residential neighborhoods, for example, by requiring distances between facilities.
Harold Reid, who represents the Club at the South Fulton Parkway Alliance, reported that the most recent speaker was from MXD Corporation, which specializes in development for aerotropolis projects although its involvement in the Atlanta Aerotropolis has been limited. The speaker discussed tools for South Fulton Parkway development, such as measures that encourage residential construction rather than warehouses.
Secretary Gayle Lesser, speaking as Treasurer liaison, provided the Treasurer’s report.
Mr. Carter, who is director of Greystone Power Company’s Operation Round-Up Foundation, said that the Company is building a new substation off Camp Creek Parkway. The facility is scheduled to be complete by December or January. Its purpose is to relieve the stress on the existing grid resulting from growth in our area.
Councilwoman Willis discussed some issues currently facing the City.
She noted that the draft of next year’s projected $105 million budget shows a $5 million deficit, and the Council will have to address that.
The City will have two proposals on the November 5 ballot. The first deals with authorizing tax allocation districts and an Urban Redevelopment Authority to handle capital needs arising from repairs needed for facilities inherited from the County. The second creates a cap on City homestead property tax increases, designed to prevent hardship as property values rise.
Councilwoman Willis said the City is considering moving Code Enforcement from Planning and Development back to the Police Department. Her discussions with Code Enforcement employees indicate they will feel safer as part of the police (they will not carry weapons, but they can call for assistance). Moreover, as long as Code Enforcement is under Planning, its employees work a standard weekday schedule, so issues arising on weekends are not addressed until the next regular workday.
The City has filed a lawsuit against the County for the transfer of certain properties that by law or precedent should be made over to the City: arts centers, amphitheaters, the Tom Lowe shooting range. State law, for example, identifies amphitheaters as a city responsibility. She urged those present to write the Commissioners to “Let Wolf Creek go.”
The City is also participating, with the seven other cities in southern Fulton County and the Atlanta Regional Commission, in updating the 2013 Comprehensive Transportation Plan. A meeting will be held in each jurisdiction to focus on its issues. The City’s meeting will be held October 1 at 6:30 pm at Welcome All Park.
Mr. Carter thanked the Councilwoman and invited the candidates for public office to meet informally with attendees after the meeting. The meeting was adjourned.
Gayle Lesser, Secretary

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