March 2014 Minutes

Cliftondale Community Club, Inc.
March 10, 2014
The Cliftondale Community Club, Inc. met March 10, 2014 at the Cliftondale Community Center. About 70 members and guests were present.
President Stanley Knowles presided. Veronica Mount provided the invocation.
Fulton County Police Officer Brown provided the community crime report, which will be posted on the Club’s website, Any sightings of suspicious activity in the area should be reported to the tip line, 404-613-6529.
Zoning Committee Chair Harold Reid announced there will be a meeting at the Community Center tomorrow evening featuring two developers. The first developer will be Three Kings, who propose to build 91 homes on 34.7 acres on a tract that will be entered through Amhurst subdivision. The second developers are proposing a service station and small strip center at Cascade-Palmetto Highway and Campbellton Road.
Education Committee Chair Bruce Moody reported that school teachers who stayed at schools late or overnight during the recent snowstorm will be compensated for their overtime.
Communications Chair Jack Liles announced that the County will sponsor a free bulk trash day on April 12 and that training for the citizens court watch program will be soon.
Membership Chair Tommie Stegall recognized County invitees and first time attendees. Director Julie Wachsler announced a special offer for annual membership: new members will receive 16 months of membership (through June 2015) instead of 12 months. Family memberships are $25 annually, and families headed by seniors are $15 annually. Memberships are available through the Club’s website, using PayPal.
Ms. Wachsler provided the Treasurer’s report. The beginning balance was $1,750.83; deposits, $23.97 (membership minus PayPal fee); withdrawals, none; ending balance, $1,774.80.

Social Committee Chair Denise Gunter announced that photos of South Fulton Day at the state Capitol have been posted on the Club’s Facebook Page.
Community Intern Cristy Jones announced Father/Daughter Game Day, sponsored by the Women of Westlake, will be held at Westlake High School on Saturday, April 19, beginning at noon. An email flyer will be distributed. For more information, contact her or State Representative LaDawn Jones. Also, South Fulton National Day of Prayer will be held at Enon Baptist Church on Thursday, May 1, at noon. Luncheon will be held after the program. An email flyer will be distributed. For more information, contact Rev. James Clifton Jones 404-202-1581.
Linda Olson introduced the Get Covered America table, for information and sign-up assistance for the Affordable Care Act medical insurance plans.
Mr. Knowles introduced John Eaves, Chairman of the Fulton County Board of Commissioners, who was accompanied by several department heads. Mr. Eaves lives in unincorporated Fulton County.
Mr. Eaves sketched his priorities for the County. First is Grady Hospital, which will receive $45 million in County support. Additional safeguards for servicing County residents have been enacted. Second is public safety, spearheaded by a Smart Justice Council. He wants to address education as a measure of crime prevention, since 82% of prisoners are high school dropouts. Third is attracting economic development.
Chris Boyd of the finance department is monitoring legislation in the current General Assembly session. He summarized the recent changes in HB 704, the bill for a referendum on a new city of South Fulton. The Board of Commissioners is encouraging enrollment in the Affordable Care system, despite efforts of state legislators to curtail participation.
Ed Nelson of economic development stressed initiatives to deal with the obstacles to growth in South Fulton. The first is education, addressed by persuading Atlanta Technical College to move a facility to the Fulton Industrial district and getting 5 companies to sponsor internships in high schools. The second obstacle is crime and the perception of crime, especially along Fulton Industrial Boulevard. The initiative here is to from a commission to fight crime.
On the issue of cityhood, Mr. Eaves said that he would vote against the proposed new city of South Fulton if the referendum is held. He said some of the new cities on the north side had a difficult start-up period, and he felt that the time was not ripe for the south side. He noted that the city’s supporters had organized without talking to the Board of Commissioners, who might have helped design a process to cityhood; that an alternative might be to form a township rather than a new city; and that he will pursue means of stopping annexation by existing cities in the interim.
Mr. Reid, who is active in the new city movement, responded that South Fulton United, Inc. was started as a grassroots movement by the citizens, not by politicians, and that its motivation was to protect ourselves against forced annexation into existing cities and possible changes in Fulton County’s structure.
A brief question and answer period followed.
Mr. Knowles thanked Mr. Eaves, and the meeting was adjourned.
Gayle T. Lesser, Secretary

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